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For more possible combos you can try the Dragonvale Breeding Sandbox. Earth Competitor (10 points) Receive a Gold Trophy from the Colosseum for an earth dragon event. One of these will have to be a hybrid dragon. Eventually I realized that there were nothing like Dragon on this planet. Leap Year Dragon - Both limited and rare, since it is only available for a few days on a leap year. More Dragonvale Cheats. Aquamarine Dragon breeding guide: You can get the Aquamarine Dragon by using a River Dragon and a Iceberg Dragon in your breeding tree. Hit Account (Game Center Name). There are only three special families of dragons that will boost up your earnings to sky-high level and theyre rare too. Gold Olympus is an Epic Dragon, so the Epic Breeding Island gives you a better chance of breeding it, per attempt. The same concept is applied in case of DragonVale. Ash and Quicksilver has been a popular combo, although statistically the above listed pairings are the most likely to produce the Cyclops with the least amount of wasted time. Patricks day, Valentine and so upon. The more levels you pass out you will be let to purchase more desirable dragons which end while using the magical "Rainbow Dragon" exceptional specie of dragons. Get your Dragonvale free gems. Players should never rely on Breeding Calculator percentage as a way to identify what will work for them. At the beginning, you will likely only have Dragon Snaps available to you. Thank you DragonVale is the free app for the iPhone that gives players the opportunity to breed, raise, game, and socialize with friendly and almost cuddly dragons. Filled with magical lands, DragonVale gamers and visitors can experience a one-of-a-kind world of social interaction, dozens of dragons and an almost serene soundtrack. Nearly every combination of those basic elemental types has a hybrid or two to be bred, and getting them into your park will occupy the days, weeks or months you're playing this game. Dragonvale was released in September 2011 and uses the freemium business model. You know how to breed gift dragon in Dragonvale? Luckily, there are several ways to earn some extra coins. how to breed in dragonvale. The breeding time is 33 hours without the breeding speed upgrade or 26 hours, 24 minutes with. They belong not only in the minds of the kids but in the virtual world where anything can be done. To breed for the Rose Dragon, you need to have the elements of Plant, Fire, and Air within your breeding combination. Types of Dragon youll have in your DragonVale The developers have kept in mind about the distinctive features while designing dragons regarding different levels. There should be 4 different elements between your two dragons if you want a chance to breed a rainbow.

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It is after all a new month, and a new Limited Gemstone Dragon is afoot. The breeding time is 18 hours. When you breed two dragons the one you put on the left or right side does not matter. Then they'll proceed to hatch and raise dragons, feeding and caring for them. Breeding level does not matter because its based on elements. Updated DragonVale Review. Before you take a look at these cheats be sure to check out our Dragonvale breeding tips and how to get your hands on 2 most popular dragons: Dragonvale rainbow dragon and Dragonvale reindeer dragon. Which side you select the dragon for breeding or the level of your dragons will not affect your chances. So no discernible advantage at the moment. After getting an air dragon send air and fire dragon to the breeding cave and u will get a blazing dragon. We build little Dragonvale hack tool and you can get unlimited gems,gold and treats. There are 74 dragons available as of right now, but more are added every week. Gold Olympus is an Epic Dragon, so the Epic Breeding Island gives you a better chance of breeding it, per attempt. Okay first you will need a jailbreak device. Breed a Poison Dragon with a Swamp Dragon. Breed a water type with a Blazing Dragon. Tap on any of the available treats to start growing them now. Bear in mind that these time all assume that you are ever present, restarting the breeding after every failed attempt. Additionally, instead of going home to visit another friend, you can visit somebody else from your friend's island. So close safari and enter Game Center. Olympic Dragons: The Olympic Dragons are another set of limited dragons that are only available during the Olympics. Good luck getting this one. To successfully raise the Bone Dragon you need to keep it in a fire or earth habitat. It's common knowledge the best way to get yourself a gift is usually to give a gift. Read the Full Content. This guide is maintained daily and as new dragons are found. You can download it for free and play it on iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Water Competitor (10 points) - Receive a Gold Trophy from the Colosseum for a water dragon event. I hope this made sense!! Well, if you are a minimalist, you might check the Dragonvale Wiki and determine that your breeding parents need only have the elements of Earth, Lightning, and Air. What's the best part about it? Enter your username, select the desired cheat options and hit Hack button. It kindly lets go of your hand almost immediately, and with the help of the Goals system you won't have much trouble finding your own way.

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